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A Communication & Media graduate from Bournemouth University and a Marketing specialist.

The marketing campaign that won

I now work in engineering. Not as an engineer, no. At least not yet. I am rather making my higher education worthwhile by working what I actually studied — media communications and marketing.

I work at Danfoss — a Danish company with employees all around the world. My new job has been quite an exciting experience and has made the past few months eventful to say the least. Some of those events even fit my blog, hence this blog post. …

You can’t wait until all this is over. You look forward to the day when you will be allowed to go see your family and elderly relatives without worrying about their health; the day when you will book a flight which will actually take place instead of being cancelled just a few days after; the day when you will get all dressed up with somewhere to go, and you will no longer have to cover your face with a mask. …

Yesterday The Weeknd released the official music video for the “Too Late” song from his fourth studio album After Hours. Described as his most cohesive album yet, After Hours has been ruling the music charts, with “Blinding Lights” having broken the record for most weeks spent in Billboard Hot 100's Top Five.

The “Too Late” mixture of a music video and slasher movie features two women wearing facial bandages. While driving on their way back from the plastic surgeon they encounter the disembodied head of The Weeknd on the road— a character familiar from the “In Your Eyes” music…

Have you watched The Social Dilemma, the documentary directed by Jeff Orlowski? It is a jaw-dropping film presenting social media as an out-of-control invention which has shifted from its original purpose to simply connect people. It sees human attention as the most valuable asset — as a consequence, attention is monetised and users’ mental health is very often what ends up damaged.

We’ve lost control of our relationship with technology because technology has become better at controlling us — Bianca Bosker, The Atlantic

Social Media and Mental Health

One of my social media accounts was hacked not long ago. This stressful event in my life…

New name, new style, and same old painfully good music

The Neighbourhood’s alter ego: Chip Chrome and the Mono-Tones, and an album nobody was ready for. Or maybe we all were, especially ever since the Californian band teased us by dropping the Middle of Somewhere track back in August 2019. This was the first official video featuring the grey alien and it was when we knew they were up to something.

It took the band another year to release the whole album, following the separate release of (my personal favourite) Cherry Flavoured and Devil’s Advocate (although the project had been in the making for 3 years).

Something unlike everything else.

*I’m kindly asking you to scroll down and play the video while you’re reading this for a dramatic purpose*

It’s around 3 in the afternoon. The sun is shining as bright as it can for a day in late August, but I can tell it’s struggling. I am sitting before my laptop, there’s a cup of black and very bitter coffee on the side. The balcony door is wide open and I can see the yellow and orange leaves of the grapevine slowly dying in agony. …

I love cocktails. But I love beer, too.

Last week my friend and I went to this bar with very friendly staff and quite an interesting interior. I was in the mood for a drink but I found myself struggling to choose from the many options. The names on the menu were bizarre to say the least, so I asked the waiter for help. He looked at me and said

“Right, let me think of something more feminine”.

He opened the menu and went straight to the cocktail selection.

Now is the time to say that I actually love cocktails. And even if I wanted to, I couldn’t…

Being a Bulgarian student at an English university was an interesting experience especially when it came to explaining where I come from and hearing what the other person has to say about it. I’ve experienced the collision between the Eastern and the Western perspective in many ways. A lot of Britons couldn’t distinguish Bulgaria from Romania, others didn’t even know where it was. I’ve even been asked if we have computers over here. But what really mattered was the way I felt when answering their questions. I felt different ways, but I can’t say I felt proud, that’s for sure.

About 4 months ago I was in England, sitting before my laptop, nervously scrolling down The Guardian’s LIVE updates on COVID-19. At that time I was anxiously calculating the possibility of graduating on time, securing a job in London or going back to uni, being able to go home and see my family. I had a pile of deadlines coming up, two part-time jobs, a plane ticket which was later defined as “in the peak of the disease”, a rent, a dissertation — the most important piece of writing for my higher education, and the list went on and on.

Eliza Nikolova

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